Illinois 47—US Route 14 to Charles Road

This website has been created to facilitate public input and provide facts about the Illinois 47 Phase I Study, process, and schedule. We invite you to explore the website and provide your comments and recommendations regarding the study through our Get Involved section.

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Public involvement is an interactive process that provides information to the public so they may make informed decisions and offer important input into the solutions that address the community's concerns. A public involvement program has been designed to encourage your participation throughout the study.

As the Illinois Route 47 Phase I Study progresses, we will periodically update this website to keep you informed of our progress.

Corridor Advisory Group (CAG) Meeting #7

The CAG met in October of 2017 to review the Preferred Alternative and impacts and to view the process and schedule for the remainder of the project. The Meeting Summary, Roll Plots and full Presentation are available for review.

Business and Property Owner Meetings Held
Ten (10) small group meetings were conducted for business and property owners who are located within the IL-47 corridor, starting from the southern part of the study area and moving north. The intent was to review the preliminary preferred alternative, to discuss opportunities for cross access along the corridor and to provide business and property owners an opportunity to provide feedback in a smaller group setting. These meetings were prompted by a desire to go above and beyond what is mandated and allow time for individual owners to speak to project study group members independently. 121 individual Business/Property Owners attended and had the opportunity for a one-on-one discussion about their specific questions with Project Team members. A full summary of these meetings and the meeting presentation are available in the Information Center. Roll plots showing the current preferred alternative are also included and incorporate all the proposed changes that resulted from the ten meetings. Because additional engineering is ongoing, these drawings could potentially require further changes in the future.

Public Hearing Anticipated Winter 2018
Currently the study team is consolidating stakeholder input from the Public Meeting and developing the preferred alternative that best meets the project's Purpose and Need. This involves a five-step process:

  1. Select and refine the preferred alternative
  2. Complete the analysis of potential impacts
  3. Prepare environmental documentation
  4. Present the preferred alternative to the Citizen Advisory Group (CAG) and obtain input.
  5. Present the preferred alternative and environmental document at a Public Hearing anticipated in Summer/Fall 2017 and obtain input.

Third Round of Public Meetings Well Attended
The Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) received a lot of feedback at the recent public outreach events which included the project's third public meeting, held on July 9, 2014, as well as the Business Owner Meeting held on October 23, 2014 hosted by the City of Woodstock and the Woodstock Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The two meetings had a combined attendance of over 140 stakeholders who issued more than 60 comments on the project. The comments received included support for the project and the proposed alternatives as well as identifying concerns with proposed design elements associated with each alternative.

IDOT Holds Third Public Meeting
The Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) has held a third Public Meeting for the IL 47 Preliminary Engineering and Environmental (Phase I) Study. The purpose of the meeting was to present the project Purpose and Need, proposed alternatives, and obtain public input.

View the meeting presentation

IDOT Holds Second Public Meeting
The Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) has held the second Public Meeting for the Illinois Route 47 Preliminary Engineering and Environmental (Phase I) Study.

IDOT to Study IL 47 Through Woodstock
The Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) is initiating the Illinois Route 47 Phase I Planning and Environmental Study.

Citizen Advisory Group will Influence Decisions
Interaction with potentially affected communities is important for ensuring that IDOT proposals are consistent with community goals and objectives.